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Грюндфос магна 3 руководство и фильмы студии pixar

Грюндфос магна 3 руководство

РусНасос реализует циркуляционные насосы Grundfos UPS, Alpha, UP, UPA, UPSD, Magna для систем отопления. A ble of c o nte n ts. 2. MAGNA3. 1. Product description. 3. Main applications This operating mode is for instance suitable for manual night setback. Accordance with Grundfos' printed installation and operating 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Warning. Observe local regulations setting limits for manual lifting or handling.

Small, medium and large circulator pumps fitted with communication equipment and electronically speed-controlled motor. GRUNDFOS MAGNA 3 VARIABLE SPEED PUMP WITH LOCHINVAR BOILERS. FOR KNIGHT 400 . Refer to the installation manual provided The MAGNA3 is a circulator pump based on the tried and tested MAGNA technology and our intelligent technology that retains the unrivalled Grundfos reliability. morE than a pump 80% of the installations no manual adjustments are needed. 3 x digital inputs for external start/stop, max. curve and min. curve. 1.1. Symbols used in this document. 2. 1.2. Safety symbols on the pump. 3. 2. 10.1 Grundfos Eye operating indications. 44 manual lifting or handling. 3. MAGNA3. 1. 1. Описание продукта. Циркуляционные насосы Grundfos MAGNA. 3. (D). 80. -120. (F). (N). 360. Типовой ряд. Поколение насоса. 3. GRUNDFOS MAGNA. Series 2000. MAGNA 40-120, 65-120, 65-60. Installation and mode is for instance suitable for manual night-time duty if automatic. Малые, средние и большие циркуляционные насосы, оснащённые оборудованием связи.

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