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Actionscript обратиться из мувика на уровень выше: димон торик сказка от 14 до 114 аудиокнига

Actionscript обратиться из мувика на уровень выше

The core language is the part of ActionScript that defines the syntax of the language as well as the top-level data types. ActionScript 3.0 provides programmatic. Top level or global functions are available in any part of a SWF file where ActionScript is used, or in any user-defined class. Most of the global functions from. The flash.geom package contains classes that define geometric objects such as points, rectangles, and transformation matrixes. You use these classes to define. Top Level. adobe.utils. air.desktop. air.net. air.update. air.update.events. coldfusion.air. coldfusion.air.errors Language Version: ActionScript 3.0.

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